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Here you will find documents that contain the political matters that the Norwegian Welfare Council is working on and what they think within the various matters.

Private House


This housing policy document aims to promote Stavanger's Welfare Council's opinions and objectives for the housing situation in Stavanger, Sandnes and Sola. Student housing is part of the Welfare Council in Stavanger's work program and principle program, and we work to ensure that there is a good housing offer for students in the region. 


Good health is essential for a good quality of life. Students are in a special life situation during their studies and therefore have special needs. Good student health is when the student, given their particular life situation, is able to master student life and succeed academically, socially and psychologically.

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Student culture is an important well-being factor in many students' everyday lives, and participation in student associations and cultural activities contributes to enriching the study time. Cultural work and association life is social, creates relationships and self-realization. The Norwegian Welfare Council believes that cultural services and association life have a direct preventive effect on loneliness and serious psychological symptoms among students.

Principle program

This document deals with the principles on which the Welfare Council in Stavanger will base its policy and operations. The principle program is divided into five parts; Student region Stavanger, welfare, public transport, student housing and health.

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The statutes of the Welfare Council say something about the purpose of the Welfare Council and how the organization should be designed. It is the most important document when it comes to guiding the work of the working committee and the board.

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